forpac resources

ForPAc in a nutshell: Introductory material, flyers and posters

ForPAc Poster 2018.pptx

ForPAc Leaflet 2018.pdf

ForPAC_pres for Dialogue Platform.pptx

Our activities more detail: workshop and project reports

Climate_Training_workshop_report _27 09 18.docx


ALERT-ForPAC Report Using Climate Info Servcies_ FINAL.pdf

Nairobi climate training workshop report_ 18_02_19.docx

The drought early warning system (Isiolo and Kitui case study) in detail:

WP1.1_EWS in Kenya-Review_MA.pptx

ForPAC_pres for Dialogue Platform.pptx

Key published outputs, papers, policy briefs etc:



Forecasting onset and cessation of the east African rains _MacLeod_AGU_POSTER.pdf

Shear_Seasonal Forecast_snapshot_April19.pdf

ICHA Forecast Barriers Policy Brief.pdf